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Assorted Sandwich


Initial Consultation

60 minutes consultation  $170 

Review Consultation

30 minute consultation $120

Initial Consultation Concession

60 minute consultation $140

Review Consultation Concession

30 minutes consultation $90

You do not need a GP referral to see a dietitian however a rebate may be available if you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan, an Eating Disorder Treatment Plan, or if you have 'Extras Cover' on your Private Health Insurance. See below for more information on rebate options. 

Medicare Rebate

Chronic Disease Management 

A medicare rebate of $56 is available for up to 5 sessions per year if your GP has provided you with a Chronic Disease Management Plan and a referral to see a dietitian. A Chronic Disease Management Plan is available if you have a chronic disease such as diabetes or high cholesterol which has been present for 6 or more months. If you are not currently on a Chronic Disease Management Plan and think you might be eligible, speak to you GP. 

Eating Disorder Management

If you qualify for an Eating Disorder Treatment Plan 20 rebates of $56 are available for use within a 12 month period with an Accredited Practising Dietitian. If you are unsure if you qualify for an Eating Disorder Treatment Plan speak to you GP.

If you have a referral from your GP please email it through to or bring it along to your first appointment. 

Initial Consultation with Medicare rebate

60 minute consultation $114

Review Consultations with Medicare rebate

30 minute consultation $64

Rebate with Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance and have 'extras cover' it is likely that you are eligible to receive a rebate. Private health insurance rebate varies depending on who you are insured with and your level of cover, so check your entitlements with your provider prior to your first appointment. 

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